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Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ
Identity Based Spiritual Formation
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CFM 301: Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ
CFM 302: Identity Based Spiritual Formation

Course Descriptions
About the Courses

In these two courses for CFM University, we hope to provide some solid answers for you, whether your relationship to teens is as parent, grandparent, youth leader, teacher, guidance counselor or just friend. Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ (CFM 301) andIdentity-Based Spiritual Formation (CFM 302) form a foundational strategy designed to help adults help teens in the moments when they are most open to the love of God and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The call of God on the life of every Christ-follower is that we would intentionally become ambassadors of reconciliation.

The courses are divided into 4 modules. Each module consists of an introductory video, followed by completion of a workbook section, and concluded with a wrap up video. There are no quizzes or tests, but, at the end of each module you will have opportunity to check your understanding of the most important information in the module by answering a few questions online and receiving immediate feedback regarding your responses.

Course Descriptions

CFM 301, Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ, is designed to give you tools to make a difference in the lives of teenagers.  The course helps you in understanding 21st Century Teens, provides foundational discipleship counseling theory and practical training, as well as basics for dealing with spiritual conflict. It gives you a strategy to help teens overcome negative thoughts and bad habits, and provides strategies for dealing with teens in crisis.  The course provides strategies that intentionally focus on adolescent inquirers and build on the foundational principles of Discipleship Counseling. The course starts with some help for you in the understanding of 21st century teens, known as Generation Z.

The course includes:
  • Generational Profile: Understanding 21st Century Teens
  • Foundational Discipleship Counseling Theory and Practical Training
  • Setting Healthy Goals in Student Counseling
  • Spiritual Conflict, the Basics
  • A Strategy to Help Teens Overcome Negative Thoughts and Bad Habits
  • Beyond Recovery
  • Dealing with Teens in Crisis

CFM 302, Identity Based Spiritual Formation, is designed to complement CFM 301 (Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ). Freedom and maturity are the pillars of sanctification, or what the Bible refers to as transformed living by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:2)  It is our deepest hope and prayer that you will find this course to be personally challenging and practically useful in your high calling to reach emerging generations with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The course lays out the teaching of Jesus and His method of making disciples. The apostles used this same strategy and the epistles to the early Church confirm it. Identity Based Spiritual Formation begins with the believer’s identity in Christ. Once a teen begins to understand and personalize the “new birth” and who they have now become through faith in Jesus, a whole new realm of possibility opens, and they are free to discover the victorious, righteously productive life that Jesus died to give them.

The principles in this course are set forth with the highest degree of confidence in the Scriptures, the teachings of Freedom in Christ Ministries and years of experience and fruitfulness in teen ministry.  Rather than lead with the byproduct of spiritual maturity (good works and holy living), CFM 302, Identity Based Spiritual Formation, stresses the truth of the teen’s identity in Christ with the understanding that sanctified behavior follows sanctified belief.

The course includes:
  • The Essentials of Identity and Spiritual Formation
  • Weaving Foundational Truth into Youth Group Life/How to Be Consistent with the Message of Identity and Freedom in Christ
  • Understanding Growth – Facilitating Spiritual Formation by Setting Healthy Goals for Youth Ministry
  • Building Upon the Basics – Developing a Discipleship Strategy for 21st Century Teens.

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